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The Facility

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But at ONYX BOXING, we make it fun while getting a great workout and leaning something new about yourself and/or boxing every time— and we’ll help you find a fitness boxing routine that works for your lifestyle and personal goals. Whether you want to work your skills and conditioning in one of our classes or perfect your boxing technique and  get more accountability with one on one coaching/training, we’ve got what you need to get in shape and feel great. Our local co-founders built the BOX ONYX CULTURE to be a place where anyone can come and get a great workout. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest.


With our classic 36 inch high 14 foot boxing ring.  Climb through the 4 ropes and glove up!  Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at ONYX BOXING. Our state-of-the-art facility and fully-equipped training room offers a workout experience in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere. ONYX BOXING employs only Certified USA Boxing Coaches and experienced boxing/fitness trainers who are always on-hand and ready to help our clients have a top notch training experience every time.  Book your Private One on One Sessions today!


17 Aqua Boxing Bags

With 17 individually assigned aqua bags to choose from, our boxing classes are high energy, high musically infectious and addicting!  Learn to throw your 1, 2's... 3, 4's... 5,6's... along with slips, rolls, fades and footwork.  The MOST AUTHENTIC TAUGHT BOXING WORKOUT IN ARIZONA.  

The Power of H2O

Switch to the bag that lets you bring out your inner champion! The Aqua Training Bag® harnesses the power of water through simplicity and innovation with its modern technology and unique shape, size, and materials. By utilizing water in place of sand or other typical heavy bag contents, everyone from fitness beginners to professional fighters can experience cardio boxing without sacrificing power or risking potential injury from a hard spot. Who knew that dramatically enhancing your fitness strategy was only a few liters of water away?

Specially Designed for Exclusive Benefits

Experience a whole new level of power with the unrivaled teardrop shape and composition of the Aqua Training Bag! Its H2O interior has more give than a traditional heavy bag, so it absorbs kinetic energy and allows you to utilize your force and strength each time you hit. Execute various blows fearlessly without holding back, knowing that you’ll never encounter a dreadful hard spot.  This bag can take all you’ve got so don’t hold back, give it your all with every hit, every time!

Intense Workouts Anytime, Any Place

Aqua Training Bags provide the perfect platform for everyone to challenge their inner fighter, no matter what their experience level is. Whether you’re a boxing veteran or world-class champ in the making, you’re sure to get closer to accomplishing your goals with an Aqua Training Bag - one punch, kick, and knockout at a time.

21” 190 lb. Aqua Punching Bag FEATURES:

  • IDEAL FOR EVERY TYPE OF BOXER — From 20 years of experience to zero; from boxing champions to total beginners – people of all skill levels can benefit from the Aqua Training Bag no matter what their level of expertise is.

  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN — The teardrop shape and water-filled interior absorbs the impact of each strike, giving you an intense workout and overall enhanced training session. You’ll never want to pound sand again!


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