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Welcome First Timers

New to boxing? Welcome to the BOXONYX Experience!  Boxing may seem intimidating, but Onyx Boxing is not! We have members of all experience levels, all shapes and sizes and all age groups. Our trainers will make you feel comfortable while simultaneously challenging you to get the most out of your fitness work out.

Not only are there amazing physical benefits to boxing that will help you achieve your fitness goals, boxing provides amazing mental health benefits as well. Get in shape physically AND strengthen your mental fitness. It’s shown that mentally fit people are able to tune out the “noise”, be present in the moment, create routines, let go and breathe… ALL of which you will find by spending 45 minutes with us, punching a bag in our high-energy fitness studio.



Arrive at the boxing studio 30 min. early! 

Congrats, just getting here is often the hardest step!


get the goods

Choose a set of wraps and check out our merchandise before checking in. 

If you feel more comfortable, you can check-in first and we’ll show you where the wraps are.



Check-in at the front desk and let us know it’s your first time boxing.


Don’t be shy, you’re in good company.


see the space

We will show you where the lockers are to safely store your personal items, and tour you around the studio.


get wrapped

Then, we will show you how to wrap your hands and where to find the gloves.


You can use our boxing gloves for free, until you decide you’re ready to sport a pair of your own.


learn the basics

We will go over a few core stances, punches and techniques with you so you are ready when the class starts.


enjoy class!

Class will begin, and we encourage you to go at your own pace and have fun! Ask the trainer for help if you feel lost or are struggling.


sign up

Return your gloves at the end of class and schedule your next visit with us!


You will want to come back, we promise!

Ready? Let's do this!

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